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  • Emily Macpherson

The Values Disconnect

Emily's Book

With more than slight trepidation I have started planning my first book! Over 15 years of advising clients I have become aware of a real disconnect between people’s personal values and their personal finances.

The pressure placed on us by society to achieve material goals leads us to pursue extrinsic goals and neglect those goals that are intrinsic to us. With our attention continually drawn to materialist values it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important – the great outdoors, being active, building genuine connections and relationships and living with meaning and purpose.

I believe that done right, financial planning has the power to change lives for the better. It can facilitate a thought process that reconnects us with our values and provides the infrastructure to support us in leading a fulfilling life.

The aim of my book is to explore this concept further. In particular, providing a structured framework for people thinking towards retirement.

There are many different pieces of the puzzle. From understanding your history with money and how this can be an obstacle, to enhancing your levels of fitness to support you in achieving your life goals. Putting the financial infrastructure in place is the easy part, it is knowing what you want it to support in the first place that takes the brainpower.

Have you ever asked yourself questions like:

  • What does a comfortable life look like – where would I live, who would I spend my time with and how would I spend my time?

  • How much is enough and how will I know when I reach that magic number?

The answers aren’t straightforward and we invariably need to work through other thought processes to find them. The book aims to provide a step by step guide to re-evaluating your relationship with your finances and harnessing them to live the life you want to lead.

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