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Mindful Finance

Although we are financial planners by profession, what we do and the way we do it might not fit with your view of traditional financial advice.


We believe that any successful financial plan needs to start with an understanding of an individual’s values and desired lifestyle. We need to know what success looks like for you, before we can devise a plan to achieve it, and that definition of success is different for everyone.

For many people, property is an integral part of their overall financial plan so our team is made up of both Chartered Financial Planners, delivering holistic Mindful Finance Consultancy, and experienced Mortgage Advisers, offering specialist Property Finance Consultancy as part of our wider advice, as well as in isolation . 

Retirement Planning Service

Supporting individuals and couples to discover a fresh perspective, we break through complexity and jargon to align your personal finances with your desired lifestyle.


Your dedicated Financial Planner will work with you to uncover and understand your values, assess your current financial position and how it compares with your ideal, consider the full range of structures and options available to you, and devising a clear strategy for achieving your desired lifestyle.

For new clients, or those considering a holistic financial plan for the first time, we offer two unique services. Click on the buttons below to learn more:

For existing clients, and those with financial plans already in place, we can tailor an ongoing support package to meet your individual requirements.

Property Finance

Whether you are hoping to purchase your first property, move home, invest in property, or refinance it, planning ahead is key. We can help you to understand where you stand, what options are available, and what actions you can take to improve your position. Your dedicated property finance consultant will help you to establish and assess all of the options available, and arrive at the optimum strategy to take forward. 

We also act as project manager for your property transaction. We will submit your mortgage application on your behalf, liaise with third parties such as solicitors and estate agents. submit requested documentation and chase progress to ensure the process is as quick and hassle free as possible.Click on the buttons below to learn more about or specialist property finance services:

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Financial Review Service

Financial Products

We are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and have the necessary expertise and permissions to provide personal recommendations for any financial products you need to support your plan. Products we recommend will be accessed from the whole of the market, so that you can be sure you are getting the best solution available, including access to ‘adviser only’ solutions. With your authority, we will implement recommendations on your behalf and we do not receive commission or charge implementation fees for setting up pensions, investments or protection policies recommended as part of your Financial Freedom Plan or Focused Review. Our fixed fee for advice is just that. If you require advice on a mortgage as part of a wider review, our expert Property Finance Consultants will provide this as part of the package.

Proven Process

Proven Process

Mindful Finance is a proven process that supports you to delve deeper in to your own values and beliefs, define what success is for you, and develop a clear financial plan to achieve it.

Learn more about our approach by clicking on the  links below:

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