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Explore your relationship with money and begin to harness your personal finances to support you in living the life you desire. Take the Mindful Money Tree Self Assessment below...

Mindful Money Tree

Mindful Money Tree


What are your personal values and how are your personal finances supporting you to live by them?


This question is more difficult to answer than you might imagine and that’s why we have developed The Mindful Money Tree™, a different approach to thinking about your personal finances.


Drawing on over 50 years’ collective experience working with people from different backgrounds with different needs and requirements, The Mindful Money Tree™ represents an individual’s relationship with their personal finances.

About the Mindful Money Tree

The branches of the tree provide a structured method for assessing what your values are, and how they fit together to deliver a fulfilling lifestyle.

Each branch represents a different aspect of your life, how you ‘show up’ in the word. By considering each in turn, and then the balance of all six branches, you can begin to develop a clearer picture of what a fulfilling life looks like.

The fruit of the Mindful Money Tree is the ultimate goal, fulfilment across each of the branches. To grow this fruit, the tree needs sustenance in the form of money and other assets, but the money itself is not the goal.

As the tree absorbs sustenance (money) through the root system it is filtered by your individual ‘mindset’. Your mindset around money has been cultivated over time by lived experiences and learned attitudes. Mindset will influence how money can and should be absorbed by the tree to grow its fruit. An individual who is risk averse and fearful as a result of past negative experiences, would benefit from a different financial structure to an individual who is comfortable around money, and with investment risk. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ mindsets, but they can be constructive or destructive and better understanding your mindset can be useful in improving outcomes.


Understanding of your Mindful Money Tree is critical to the success of any financial plan, but more traditional ‘financial planning’ is also necessary to ensure the right mix of sustenance for your Mindful Money Tree.

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