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  • Ed Phillips

Remortgage Cost Saving Tips Amidst Rising Mortgage Rates

Remorgtage cost saving tips

After another week of rising mortgage interest rates, we wanted to share our remortgage cost saving top tips to help you minimise the cost of your remortgage:

  • Plan ahead: start to assess options as early as possible, ideally 6-9 months before the expiry of your current deal.

  • Consider the whole of the market: including the deals available with your current lender (called a product transfer), and alternative lenders (a full remortgage).

  • Take all costs into account: the lowest headline interest rate isn’t always the best deal. Make sure you consider all fees and charges, including solicitors costs and any redemption fees for your existing mortgage.

  • Small tweaks can make a big difference: a small adjustment to your loan amount or mortgage term could make a big different to the mortgage options available. Speak with an expert who can identify the cost saving tweaks that might benefit you.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion and assessment of your options.

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