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  • Emily Macpherson

Mindful Finance - A Place of Calm

We are certainly living in historic times. It is all too easy to get swept away with media and political hype around Brexit, trade wars, interest rates, votes of no confidence and alike.

All these issues are of course extremely important, and I am not dismissing them for a second. However, there is a limit to the level of control we as individuals can have on these external factors. Likewise, we cannot predict with any certainty, no-matter how expert we are, what the impact of these unfolding events will be on our finances and our futures.

Having a well-considered financial and life plan that is mapped back to what you truly value and who you really are, but also ‘stress tested’ to cope with the myriad of ever changing influences acting on it, enables you to foster a place of calm from which to successfully navigate the future – whatever that future holds.

Contact us to arrange a no obligation discovery session - the first step in the process of positioning your personal finances to support the lifestyle you desire.

Wishing you a happy, health and prosperous 2019.

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