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  • Emily Macpherson

Introducing the Mindful Money Tree ™

As a company, our purpose is to enhance levels of well-being in society by aligning personal finances with personal values.

There is a danger that, as modern day society encourages us to drive for ‘bigger’, ‘better’ and ‘more’, we view our finances as a means to pursuing social ideals, rather than as a mechanism for achieving the lifestyle we truly desire. The result is that our personal finances have become disconnected from what is truly important to us as individuals.

Consider the following question….

What are your personal values and how are your personal finances supporting you to live by them?

This question is more difficult to answer than you might imagine and to help you we have developed The Mindful Money Tree™.

The Mindful Money Tree™ represents an individual’s relationship with their personal finances. The tree’s trunk is your identity – that intangible inner essence that makes you who you are. Your identity is nurtured and strengthened by the living the life you desire.

The six ‘branches of being’ reflect the different aspects of life – how you experience the world and the values you live by. Upon these branches grows the fruit. The fruit is the ultimate goal, a fulfilling life in whatever form that takes for you.

The roots of your Mindful Money Tree absorb sustenance in the form of money and other assets. It will thrive and produce fruit in an environment of good financial planning, but the key thing to note is that the money is not the fruit.

You will require some money to grow the fruit, but a fulfilling life is the hoped for harvest, not wealth or money in its own right.

Explore your relationship with money and begin to harness your personal finances to support you in living the life you desire. Take your Mindful Money Tree Self-Assessment at

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