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  • Emily Macpherson

Connecting Personal Finances to Personal Purpose

Life of Purpose

It’s Sunday and it’s mother’s day, if ever I had an excuse to laze about in bed then today was the day. But instead I woke up early, keen to get going, motivated about the day ahead and what progress I could make.

I managed to sneak downstairs without waking my children and set to work reviewing the first draft of my book with a nice cup of tea. Having secured my first ‘test reader’ yesterday (eeek!) I have renewed incentive to maintain progress.

I’m on a mission to connect people’s personal finances with their highest values. I believe that we have become disconnected from what is truly important to us and if we want to lead more fulfilling lives, we need to reconnect with our values and purpose. Only then can we begin to align our finances to achieving that purpose.

Discovering our purpose isn’t an easy process, it rarely comes as a lightning bolt out of the blue – it is more about making time to think, reflecting on the connections between past events to identify themes.

The more you take the time to think about what has lead you to where you are now, how you have structured your life so far, what inspires you, who you enjoy spending time with and which activities you can truly immerse yourself in, the more likely themes are to emerge and the clearer your values become.

How you spend your money is also a useful insight in to what you value most, and how you feel when you spend on certain things gives a lot away.

Do you have a monthly budget? If so how does your expenditure reflect what you value most. Do you overspend in one area more often than others? If you don’t have a formal budget why not review your last three months bank statements – what insights can you find?

If you would like us to complete an independent analysis of your expenditure please get in touch at

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