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A fresh approach to financial planning and mortgage advice.

We work with you to design and deliver the lifestyle you desire.

What We Do

Find Peace of Mind What We Do

At Find Peace of Mind we work with individuals, couples and families to design and deliver your desired lifestyle.


As experienced financial planners, we have the expertise and insights to ensure the technical excellence you would expect, but more than that we help you to think differently.


We transform your relationship with your personal finances by connecting them with what you truly value.

Why We Do It

Find Peace of Mind Why We Do It

Find Peace of Mind was founded in 2005 by Emily Macphersona dissatisfied client of the financial services industry.


Left feeling confused and ‘sold to’, Emily chose to re-train as a financial planner, determined to cut through jargon and complexity to deliver a service that has a positive and meaningful impact on people’s lives. Hear Emily's story....

We Believe

Find Peace of Mind We Believe

That, done right, financial planning can be an enlightening and empowering process.

That it is not about making the most money, it’s about thinking beyond money and structuring your finances to live the life you desire.

That financial planning is about outcomes, not products.


That we can make the world a happier place.

Our Values


We value relationships as well as results. We go beyond the transactional to build genuine relationships with our clients and colleagues.


Responsibility for the Bigger Picture

We take responsibility for the bigger picture, managing the process as a whole. We don’t rest until client issues are resolved, even if they may be outside of our traditional responsibilities.


Inspiring Belief

We believe that we can all achieve great things, and that together we can change the world for the better. We support our clients to fulfill their potential.


Positive Impact

We strive to positively impact as many lives as possible through our work and philanthropic endeavours.

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