Five Down One to Go

It is almost three months since I last write a blog about my health and a few people have mentioned that they were worried not to have heard anything. While I don’t want to force the gory details about my treatment on anyone reading this, I also don’t want anyone to worry about me due to lack of information so I thought it was about time for an update. Yesterday I celebrated valentines day at the chemotherapy day unit being infused with my 5th cycle of chemo. There are many different chemotherapy regimens with different drugs and cycle lengths, but for me each cycle lasts three weeks and I will have 6 cycles in total. I have been receiving a combination treatment called FEC-T, named after th

How to Cope with Stock Market Volatility

Media hype about stock market falls can make even the most calm and collected investors start to feel nervous. When stock markets experience volatility, it can be easy to panic and make decisions that you might end up regretting, as this client story highlights... Kerry and Dan had secured lucrative contracts overseas and were earning five times the amount they needed to cover their living expenses. They had invested the excess in a high risk investment linked savings plan. They were keen to secure the maximum growth possible and were both comfortable with risk, having taken it on numerous occasions in the past. All was going well until the credit crunch hit in 2008. The value of their inves

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