Equity Release has moved on from the bad old days

Ever since a disastrous period for early unregulated schemes in the late 1980s and early 1990s, equity release has continually suffered from suspicion and distrust among homeowners. Many have been scared away as a result of publicity surrounding losses and anguish suffered by equity release customers. Things have undoubtedly improved significantly since then and now the most common types of equity release scheme - lifetime mortgages are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and overseen by the Equity Release Council. So where are we today, what can be achieved and what are the risks. What is a lifetime mortgage? If you are over 55, a lifetime mortgage allows you to release some of yo

Update and Musings

I was completely overwhelmed by the response to my last blog ‘5 Lessons I have learnt from Cancer – So Far’. I have received many kind messages of support and they all mean a great deal to me. A number of people have asked me to keep them up to date with progress in my treatment, so here goes… When I last wrote I was recovering (slowly!) from a sentinel lymph node biopsy - an operation where they removed 4 of my lymph nodes to check whether my cancer had spread. The good news from that surgery was that the cancer hadn’t spread. However, a complication meant that the mastectomy I was scheduled to have at the start of August was delayed. I am pleased to report that, thanks to the amazing suppo

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