Introducing the Mindful Money Tree ™

As a company, our purpose is to enhance levels of well-being in society by aligning personal finances with personal values. There is a danger that, as modern day society encourages us to drive for ‘bigger’, ‘better’ and ‘more’, we view our finances as a means to pursuing social ideals, rather than as a mechanism for achieving the lifestyle we truly desire. The result is that our personal finances have become disconnected from what is truly important to us as individuals. Consider the following question…. What are your personal values and how are your personal finances supporting you to live by them? This question is more difficult to answer than you might imagine and to help you we have deve

Two Exciting Announcements on World Values Day

Today is World Values day, the perfect day to let you know about two very exciting developments at Find Peace of Mind. We are delighted to launch our new website The site has been re-designed to better reflect our company values and purpose, as well as providing useful tools and insights to support you in harnessing your personal finances to support your desired lifestyle. We will be adding further tools, guides and other resources to the site over the coming weeks and months. We want the site to be useful and informative so please let us know if there are any particular topics we can cover or resources we can include to make it more useful for you. The second bit

Find Peace of Mind is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with reference 510117. Registered as a Limited Company In England And Wales No. 06404471. Registered Head Office: Pound House, Meareway, Meare, Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom, BA6 9TY

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