Charitable Donation in Lieu of Christmas Cards

Each year we donate our Christmas card budget to a local charity instead of sending out cards in the post. For the last two years we have run an enterprise project at a local primary school, providing each child with £5 to put to use in a mini business. The project has been a great success and last year it generated over £1,200 for school funds as well as providing valuable learning experiences for the children. From personalised tea towels to log reindeer and tree decorations to dog treats, the children’s ideas are fantastic. Although we will be running the project again this academic year, it has been deferred until the summer term so that the children’s efforts can be showcased at their a

The Values Disconnect

With more than slight trepidation I have started planning my first book! Over 15 years of advising clients I have become aware of a real disconnect between people’s personal values and their personal finances. The pressure placed on us by society to achieve material goals leads us to pursue extrinsic goals and neglect those goals that are intrinsic to us. With our attention continually drawn to materialist values it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important – the great outdoors, being active, building genuine connections and relationships and living with meaning and purpose. I believe that done right, financial planning has the power to change lives for the better. It can facilitate a

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