The Spirit of Financial Planning

I can’t claim to know much about any particular religion, I didn’t attend church as a child and my lasting memory of RE lessons at school was watching E.T. on an old fashioned tube TV that got wheeled round from classroom to classroom, but I can’t help thinking that there is something in the idea of us all having a ‘spirit’, ‘soul’ or ‘true-self’, an innate human ‘essence’ that is individual and unique. Have you ever felt uncomfortable with something without being able to put your finger on exactly why? Financial decisions can make us feel that way and it’s often because, sometimes unbeknown to our conscious mind, our decisions are not aligned with our ‘spirit’. I believe that the first step

Better Together

One of the key factors feeding our ‘inner spirit’ is our sense of community. Being part of a community, in whatever form it takes, can have a significant impact on our lives, our sense of wellbeing, our achievements and on society as a whole – I witnessed this first hand last week. As part of a nine month mentoring programme I have been working with a group of around 40 other like-minded entrepreneurs. We have been placed in ‘accountability groups’ and there are six of us in our team. One of the members of our team very kindly bought the other five of us a portable phone chargers. He had 100 of these chargers which he was selling to raise money for a charity he is involved in. He explained t

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